The Pharma Room: SURFACE WASH

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Simple, safe, and 100% clean. Disinfect care facilities, hospitality, large public spaces, businesses, homes, vehicles, and more. The Pharma Room: SURFACE WASH Destroys 200+ bacteria and viral pathogens with the fastest kill-rate in existence (99.9%).

Powerful & Clean

100% Eco-Friendly
Safe for Immunocompromised Persons
Zero Residues / No Wiping
No Mixing or Rinsing Required
Kills Bad Odor and Leaves No Scent
Simple and Easy to Use

Disinfecting Service

Disinfects: Residential, Commercial and more!

5 Gallon Pail
$0.10 per square foot


Quick & Effective

Disinfects approximately: 10,000 SQ.FT of surfaces (an average home or retail location) including walls, floors, ceilings, and any other surface.

Can clean an entire space in under 10 minutes when fogging used to apply*

*actual time and surface coverage may vary depending on equipment, environmental factors, and user setup.

Trusted by Major Brands

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